George Benson and Marcus Miller

What a duo!  I love this recording.  The guitar, the bass, the voice!

To children of the 70s George Benson is a soul singer, and that’s it.  But long before he took the microphone, he was an outstanding jazz guitarist.  And when I say “was”, clearly I mean “is”.  Recently a judge on Sky Arts’ Guitar Star, his playing has become better known.  He’s certainly one of my guitar heroes.

There’s few bass players to top Marcus Miller.  Jazz composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, he’s played with Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Luther Vandross and David Sanborn.  It would be easier to name big names he hasn’t been a session musician for than those he has.  But he also has an outstanding solo career, wining Best Contemporary Jazz Album for his solo instrumental album M2.  For those of you who need to know these things, his go-to is a Sadowsky-modified Fender Jazz Bass.



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