Guitar Heroes: The Playlist

It was so difficult choosing which guitarists to put on my Guitar Heroes TShirt.

So here’s how it went:  I don’t claim that they’re the best guitarists in the world.  There’s some that I couldn’t include because they have trademarked and copyrighted their names.

I chose people from across different musical genres.  I chose them because of their contribution to music, or because of their contribution to social change, or to a particular genre.  Or because they’re not frontmen or frontwomen so we don’t often get to see them in their full glory.  Or because they are technically and musically brilliant but don’t get the recognition they deserve.  Or because they have inspired people to pick up a guitar.  Or because they play music you wouldn’t normally listen to, but you need to check out their playing.  Or because, well, they couldn’t very well not be on it.  Or because when I listen to them play, I get just a little bit choked up.