What’s been going on?



20170228_161821-2Front of house, it might look like there’s not a whole lot going on round here.  But I’ve been ridiculously busy.  I have a PLAN for 2017.  It’s a huge series of plans actually, and it’s all in my huge-series-of-plans book.

Guitar Geekery is going wholesale this year.  I’m in the process of designing a new set of products especially for that.  And they’ll also of course be available here.

I’ve said a sad goodbye to my Leeds stockist Our Handmade Collective and my Huddersfield stockist Crafty Praxis.   They’ve both been great over the past couple of years, but it’s time for Guitar Geekery to spread it’s wings.  I’ll let you know when I’ve got some new bricks and mortar stockists.


Jewellery, brooches, guitar accessories all seemed to go down well at Christmas, so I’ll be getting them into production in the next few weeks.  I’ll also be producing some new notebooks, with useful sections for guitar players… watch this space.


Of course there’s more to the business than just designing and making.  This next month, I’m getting to grips with accountancy software, in readiness for new rules from HMRC.  And to make my life a whole lot easier I hope too.  I’m going to be learning how to use some new-to-me design software.  I’ve started to get a handle on Instagram.  (If you don’t already follow me, I’m @GuitarGeekery, would be great to see you over there).  So I’ve actually been very busy in the backroom.

And of course I’ll be listening to some music too.  Talking of which, here’s a bit of Ida Nielsen for you.




My Guitar Heart

Sneaking in a new product without telling anyone, oops! Oh, and Hubert Sumlin. Always Hubert Sumlin.

Just before Christmas I added a new product to Guitar Geekery without really telling anyone! Not exactly great business, but hey, it’s in time for Valentines Day, and… hearts…. know what I’m saying?


Yeah, it’s the tattoo design, but on a mug.  Not only is it all about Guitary love, but I snuck in a reference to the late great (greatest) Hubert Sumlin in there too.  My Guitar And Me is the finest (in my opinion) of Sumlin’s albums.

You can buy the mug here.  And you can listen to Hubert Sumlin here.