Jazz in a Tiny Room

The last time I saw the Nik Svarc Trio they blew my ears off. In a good way. We are so lucky to have these guys in Leeds.

My love of jazz guitar is in no small part encouraged  by our own local jazz musicians. I think I’ve seen all these guys play in the tiniest (but best) jazz venue in Leeds: Cafe Lento.  The venue holds around 25 people sitting, plus the band,  but I’ve seen it with twice that, and more dancing on the pavement outside.  I joked last week with cafe owner about getting a heavy metal band to play, wondering if the walls could stand it.  But come to think of it, the last time I saw the Nik Svarc Trio there, it blew my ears off.  In a good way.  A very good way.  We are so lucky to have these guys in my home city of Leeds.

Nic Svark, Jiannis Pavlidis, Jamie Taylor, Sam Dunn

Tom Morello

Tom Morello is American musician and political activitist.  He’s best known for his time with Rage Against the Machine.  He’s also played with the E Street Band.  His current solo act is called The Nightwatchman.

Rolling Stone ranked him 40 of their “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”.  These lists are always very subjective and narrow, but Morello nevertheless took a much deserved place.

Son of Italian Irish mother and Kenyan father,  and born in New York, Morello was brought up in Chicago. He played in his first band at age 13, and started learning guitar properly after he’d left school. He studied politics at Harvard University, but had no real intention of working in mainstream politics.  He was in various bands, developing his unique style, before founding Rage Against the Machine in 1991.  Since then his main musical projects have been Audioslave and most recently, The Nightwatchman, as featured in this video.